About Us

We are Daniel and Lourie, husband and wife travel bloggers from Europe who travel to South Africa and Africa every few months! Traipsing throughout the world, our objective is to inspire as many folks as possible to go out of their houses (but only for a wee-little while) to look around the other sides of this lovely blue planet.

Additionally we love everybody to grant themselves the opportunity to experience the feeling of setting foot in a foreign land, in a terrain in which things don’t work exactly as they do at home and that will be an altogether unusual experience yet always incredible.

South Africa is a really big, diverse and amazingly gorgeous country. This ranges from the idyllic Garden Route cities of the Western Cape into the raw subtropical coast of the northern part KwaZulu-Natal, along with the wide Karoo semi-desert throughout its heart and one among Africa’s leading safari destinations, Kruger National Park, on the northeast. It’s also one of the many great cultural meeting spots of the African region, a fact hidden by many years of enforced racial segregation, however this is slowly changing and moving forward and it shows itself in the large towns and cities.


At the time we arrived in South Africa we realized that we desired to do a road trip throughout the country.  As our very first venture to the African continent, we knew it would be completely different compared to Europe in which we’ve spent almost all of the years in our life, easily moving around town using a motorbike or one of the numerous busses. South Africa, we knew, wasn’t likely to be as easy, as public transport is not as good as in Europe and you have to find the viable local options, thus a road trip appeared like the best way to take it all in.

We arrived with no idea of how to pull this off, or what things to do, however things have a means of working themselves out.

It ended up being the perfect road trip and, luckily, the country far surpassed each of our expectations. Every day, we’d turn to one another in amazement of what we actually saw. The never stand still micro climates as well as large biodiversity truly blew us away. So far as road trips go, this has to be among the best spots all over the world to do one. If you’re thinking about it, grab the chance to go to South Africa and have fun with your journey!

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