It is said that you would be missing half of your life if you haven’t visited the Zanzibar Islands located about 40 kilometers of East Africa. These islands are surrounded by sandy beaches and rocky bays. Enjoy the sight of mangrove swamps and lagoons. You could also go water diving and see the majestic coral reefs beyond the shores. The Zanzibar Islands also offer various fun activities. Read on to discover the 4 best activities in Zanzibar that you must try.

1. Food And Spices Tour

Zanzibar is also called the ‘Spice Island’. Discover what’s behind its nickname with this four-hour orientation on Zanzibar foods and spices. A local tour guide will be by your side throughout the tour. Take this opportunity to dig deeper into Zanzibar’s culinary history and culture. Never miss out on a chance to visit the spice farm and taste some of the delicious fruits and take in the aroma of its famous spices such as curry, saffron, chili and cinnamon. If you want to learn how to cook traditional African dishes, you could talk your tour guide into accompanying you to a local farmer and chef.

2. Quad Adventure

Include the Zanzibar Quad Adventure to your must-do list when you visit Zanzibar. Most tourists love the quad adventure because it is way better than all the other tours since you get to see the real Zanzibar Islands. You will be riding quad bikes to tour you down the villages and farm lands. Tourists get to choose how long the tour will be. The adventure typically lasts for three hours, but tourists who want to spend more time in other activities may go for the 60-minute quad adventure. Either way, expect to spend some minutes touring the villages where you will experience nature at its best. The remaining time will be spent on riding trails.

3. Zanzibar Scubafish

Are you into scuba diving and snorkeling? If yes, this activity is perfect for you! A team of professional diving staff will accompany you as you go deeper into the water and ensure your safety while you’re down there. This activity will make it possible for you to get a taste of the life beyond shorelines and be with underground creatures. Discover how great it is to swim with the fishes, goofy around with baby sharks and play with lovable dolphins.

4. Zanzibar Eco Tour

If you want an intimate trip that’s beyond fun adventures, you might want to try the Zanzibar Eco Tour. This activity includes a tour to the Ukuu Unguja, a seemingly abandoned sandbank near the Menai bay where you could have all the privacy you want. You could also visit the Jozani Forest to meet the friendly Colobus Monkeys.

Whether you are into traditional African food-tasting, scuba diving and snorkeling, extreme adventures or you simply want to have a break from the bustling city, consider these 4 best activities in Zanzibar that you should try on your visit.